Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Tag 200 - Group dynamics, leaders and elites

In every group movement based on democratic principles, one should maintain awareness for a tendency of some of the founders and their companions to form an elitist, exclusive "head", even if they don't recognize it themselves. They might in some cases develop a dangerous attitude to see themselves as unquestionable. But he only point that proves this attitude right is the even more dangerous tendency of those that immediately jump in  when someone is questioning a statement or even asking for a better understanding of a proposition made by one of this sub-group, pretending an argument just to align again in the next move as if they had been convinced. This is like a defense mechanism following the herd instinct of an individual that can block all healthy dynamics of what a group movement's intention actually was. All elitist structures within groups support this process of stagnation, because individual development , integration and participation is no longer seen as a process of mutual and equal support, but rather as an attempt to align with the understandings and  assertions of the elite group only.

But you find these patterns in all areas of human social life, even between two people. Friends will consolidate just for the sake of feeling more secure in their views as a lobby of two or more. People align to mainstream opinions without even understanding them for the same reasons.

Anyway, insecurity remains, and it should remain to a certain level because otherwise certainty could just become a hardened form of ignorance. Being content with oneself, self-responsible and stable as an individual is essential for being a supportive part of a group, but that does not rule out the ability to maintain an open mind, particularly with regards to the process it takes to get to that point of self-integrity.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react emotionally to patterns that I observe as a group dynamic building sub groups of people that I see as superior and therefore judge them and assume that they behave as an elite.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to communicate from a starting point of insecurity when I react emotionally to such a pattern and start an argument just to assure myself of the justification of my point of view, which is in that moment actually self-righteousness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to stop myself within my emotional reaction and to breathe until I am able to approach this point with common sense and articulate what I see with the intention to actually come to an understanding of how and why I see this friction and conflict within myself and the presenting situation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to rush into an interaction and communication out of an emotional turmoil without understanding and clarity of what I am actually heading to, even if I am aware of a point that I see as important to be communicated but that I need to analyze, deconstruct and understand totally in the first place before communicating it.

I commit myself to whenever I react emotionally to a conversation, a situation, an interaction that I perceive to stop myself within that emotional reaction, to breathe in awareness and to see whether my reaction is actually based on common sense, if my presumptions and understanding can stand the test of my own self honesty and self-understanding, and when I still see a point of discussion I commit myself  to articulate it in a clear and commonsensical way with the self-honest intention to clarify and understand, to learn and to grow.


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