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Day 104 - Can Love-Stories save the world? Brief review of 'Les Miserables' (2012)

burgermac / / CC BY

First of all, 'Les Miserables' is an amazing piece of art, I would not question that. But what it really shows to us, or what it should slam into our faces and in my case it did while I was watching it, is that despite of the abuse and pain and sorrow, despite all that ignorance and exploitation, the misery created by man and inflicted on man, nothing has ever really changed.
'This is the music of the people who will not be slaves again', and look where we are now. We are the very same slaves that we have always been, enslaved by our own accepted and self created systems, controled, drugged and violated by it's ruthless regulations. We enslave millions of people for banal purposes, luxury, comfort, prestige. We are primitive, dumb, ignorant and we spit in the face of Life all day.
Why has nothing ever changed? Because we never tackled the root cause of all human problems: the delusional mind, the self identification as the mind and only the mind, in separation in an artificial, virtual reality of thoughts, as if life was a fairytale. This is why 'love' corrupts all plans in those plays, this is why anger and hate overcomes all common sense. This is why never ever in history one single revolution brought any change for human beings and all Life towards real freedom.
The Lovestory is a substitute to avoid the glance at the real issues, the causes of these problems as abuse, exploitation, hatred and inequality. We have made monsters out of ourselves because we trust our minds, we sold ourselves as Life to the promises of the mind which will never be fulfilled, simply because they are not real. The purpose is to keep us striving in the wrong direction while the answer is in direct reach, for each of us. Giving up the illusion of Self as the mind and Ego, starting to live as the body, becoming one and equal with and as all Life. This is what the longing is about, this is what Love stands for and what finally renders the 'Love-Story' redundant.

When I watch the play I do not see those characters as individuals, I do not see the story as a person's fate, I see them as representations for each and every single being that suffers and dies because of inequality, ignorance, violence, hate and fear. I see the final consolidation of lovers and the journey to their junction as the journey to Life that each and every one has to walk, a process of clarification, a process of understanding oneself to become self-directed and self-responsible, no longer driven by outside forces, by programms and belief systems, but determined by principles of Life itself, decisions made in awareness breath by breath, one and equal with all Life.

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