Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Day 9 - My child, your child, our child

It is just consequence and common sense and you can turn it anyway you want, when you give birth to a child you give birth to a new emerging form of life that is part of allexistence. And doesn't this mean that this child, every child, is part of all of us and therefore it is a child of 'us'?
I know what one could think was the intention of this view point: to give away a part of your responsibility as a parent, like 'here you are society, this is a new born child, take care of it and give me back a part of my personal freedom so that I can go on fulfilling my self interests while you all share the responsibility for this child.' But this is absolutely not what I mean, even though this seems to be the starting point of what we do in our cultures and how we define upbringing and the process of education of our children. Who does really care about how the education system operates and why? All that people seem to care about is 'how do I get my child to adjust itself effectively to the system so that it has the best test results and will be accepted by labor market - meaning the industry - as a worthy working drone?' Or even they don't care at all because they themselves have lost any kind of perspective for their own lifes and thus for the lifes of their children. After all, either way you do it it means to give away your self responsibility as yourself and as your child, because you accept that it will be programmed by a system that you see yourself seperated from and helpless in confrontation with it's functionings and processes. Your only measurements of success and whether you are doing well as a parent are the certifications and degrees granted by the system and determined by the industry of money and profit that you have accepted and allowed to exist as a cultural system, as our societies. 

But in the end if you take away all those artificial implications and ideologies, we share all things and no-things as Life, we share breath, the air, the food, even our bodies, the cells, the material, interchanging and interacting with each others. There is no way to deny this fact, even if we still pretend to do so in our minds and beliefs.

So if we as human beings with all those assumptions we have about our intellect, reason, consciousness, feelings, instincts and intentions find ourselves living together on this planet, coming from the same substance, being influenced and driven by the same needs and basic desires like company, trust, touch, togetherness, food, shelter and mutual support, and if we then in this realization of oneness and equality try to separate ourselves as individual personalities from each others, creating an environment of suspicion and spitefulness, being taught and educated by fear and insecurity, we detach ourselves from life, from the one source that unites us. 

This can only happen in the mind and once you have realized what is really going on with Life in this world, you become totally stunned by the ridiculousness of the values, standards and those delusional categorizations of cultural conceptions of societies, which are all projections of individual fears, self generated by your conditioned world- and self-perception and then shared in large groups by people who try to gain security and conclusiveness of their views by grouping and structuring them.
Fear systems. That is what we birth our children into. Individual platforms where you as - in fact - a living being spend your life in a static position, surrounded by walls of fear-concepts, observing through your mind the world around you. Millions and billions of platforms, from which people are suspiciously observing each others, ready to give an alarm whenever someone dares to leave his assigned one.
- Ok, this goes a little too far into fantazising and polemics.

The point I want to emphasize is, that the true and simple facts I stated above implicate the true and simple common sense consequence that we all are one as Life - if we dare to realize and live it. To do so we would simply need to take off our blindfolds of ignorance and fear, stand as an actual living example and self forgive our delusional conceptions that brought us to where and what we are or seem to be. We as humans, and I cannot repeat this statement enough until someone finally will come and disprove it, are able to decide whether to blindly follow all our conditionings, deliberately disregarding their consequences, or to realign ourselves with the obvious and simplistic principles of Life-Support, because this would mean Self-Support in a sustainable, productive and evolutionary manner.

When I see our son, who was born a year ago into and out of this world, I see myself and everyone else as Life. I see EVERY child, not MY child. He is my son, obviously. He lives with us in a small family community. But he lives and breathes with all of us. He shares this world and this Life with all that is here. And he sees this world and everyone in it with the eyes of Life. Sure, he does not want to be near everyone, he has varying preferences of who he wants to share company with, like every child - every human does. But as we grow older, the reasons why we have preferences and their causes seem to change dramatically. They become filtered and tainted by mentally created images and learned values, by culturally proclaimed fears.
This is an abuse of Life, obviously. It is an abuse of innocence in the name of greed, pride, hate, separation, spitefulness, anger and revenge. These are the attributes that label humanity nowadays and ever since.
It is time to stop ourselves, it is time to change ourselves, to purify our essence.
I can see the everyday physical, painful consequences that children have to bear in this world. All because we do not allow ourselves to stop what we have accepted so far. It would not only free us from all separation, enslavement, exploitation, heteronomy and fears, it would as well create a world that is A-Life. A world and a human society that will flourish as an ever-changing expression of Life. Actual development, with veracity and dignity, for the first time ever.
We have no dignity so far. We are not even alife. How could we, if we deny the simple facts of life, if we ignore Life as what it is and try to become something higher, better, more than this, while we in fact don't even know what 'this' really is. And not only that, we all try to become this individually, separate, as if it was a race. It is in fact a race, a death race. We have made it as such. We have created all this destruction, abuse and exploitation of life. We accept and allow it to continue every day, every breath we do not dare to stop ourselves from participating in it in our minds. Allowing these structures to determine our lifes, allowing the system to programm us, to program our children, to force, to use and abuse them as obeying robots has nothing to do with actual 'living'. It is just self-abandonment. And in the same way we abandon our children, because we do not accept them as one, as our children. But that is what they are. We are all made of Life and thus we are all one big family. As long as we do not realise that, and as long as we reject every responsibility towards Life, as long as we continue supporting and feeding the System of abuse with our children there are no 'good' parents, there are no valuable societies, there is no effective and trustworthy education. People are suffering, children are suffering and dying every day, not because 'nature' wants it, not because some phantasm of 'god' commands it, but because of the remorseless physically manifested consequence of our allowed and accepted system. Those are our children, as well as my son is a breed of yours.
 If you think you are a good parent because the child that lives with you is protected by money, because you are part of the greedy elite of the human world population, because it is a lovely and nice kid, funny, smart and sociable - then ask yourself where are you in the world while 20.000 of your kind are dying each day as children because of hunger, because of greed and exploitation, because of the consequences of your creation? How dare you!

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become part of a system that drags people as well as myself into the blindness and ignorance of a mind-existance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I was not responsible for all that pain and suffering that is going on anywhere in the world just because I am spacially separated from it.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to oversee all the consequences of my life, behaviour and participation of a cultural and social system that separates causes from consequences, that creates and image of autarky while it is part of a world wide system of abuse and exploitation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to remain silent because of fear of rejection instead of speaking out, bringing up practical solutions, working with myself to become a living example of possible change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become a victim of a belive called 'fate' which is nothing more than a lame excuse of the ego for it's unwillingness to accept responsibility.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to procrastinate Self-applications because of underlaying programmings of self-righteous self-justification and - of course - lazyness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to reject my self responsibility because I thought that if others don't accept it things will never change anyway.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wait for others to change, to look for something outside and separate from myself that would bring the change to this world, not seeing that this 'hope' is a delusion that keeps the system alive and gives everyone a justification of being part of it until the 'saviour' arrives, which will in fact never happen because it is obvious that we are the creators of the system and thus the saviours of ourselves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed fear to enslave myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed arrogance and spitefulness to sedate myself and to hinder myself from realizing myself as the living being that has the ability to decide, the ability to stop and change, to deprogram itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a world that abuses Life, that disregards the value and dignity of other beings and that is killing, raping and torturing life in all thinkable ways, just because we make them thinkable, we think them and manifest them in the name of our fear driven ghostly personalities.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to see my responsibility for the world we have created and the horrible remorseless consequences of our ways of living, that I did not realize earlier that all those beings that are suffering and dying unnecessairily are one with me, are me as one Life and that I am not separate, not innocent and helpless.

I see and accept my responsibility for Life, I accept my responsibility for my child and all children as they are the victims of consequences of our actions. I see and accept my part of participation in all this and I stop myself from following blindly. I start the process of deprogramming myself from all self created and conditioned structures that made me a blind and ruthless participant and follower. I face my fears, my desires and emotions in Self-honesty and deconstruct the related mind- and thought concepts. I will no longer be ruled by my Ego as the mind, become overwhelmed by preprogrammed emotions, no longer participate in the deliberate manipulation and exploitation of other beings and their specific circumstances. Whenever I feel the urge to run and hide from my self-responsibility I know that this is an accepted and allowed defense program of my Ego, my personality as my past. I will face the points and fears in Self-Honesty and apply self forgiveness to purify my existence as Life, here and in this moment. I clearly see the unacceptable systems that we have projected into this world and manifested as political, cultural and sociological forces. I see - and where I don't I will push myself to investigate in orderto gain understanding of how the coherences work - how I have become part and a co-creator of all this and in awareness of the urgency to free all Life I accept my responsibility and commit myself to Life and the process of Self-liberation as Life.
I do this for Life, because I have realized myself as one and equal to all Life, to my son as well as to my partner, to the animals as well as to the plants. There can be no higher or lower as we all are from the same substance. It would be stupidity to think otherwise. Therefore I stop my stupidity and ignorance and I re-educate myself in a self-responsible process. This is the human responsibility, this is available to everyone.

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