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Day 78 - The spiritual distraction sold by Tolle (and others)

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by Matti Destonian Freeman


Eckhardt Tolle - Nirvana is already here


I watched this video of Eckhart Tolle lately, and I am not surprised about the way he turns things back to cnsciousness as the source. This can easily be done, especially when you are dealing with uncertain people, defining themselves through an uncertain and unsure mind. I was a reader of Tolle's texts and books myself for a short period of time and I know how seductive this notion of feeling comfortable with yourself as the observing awareness is. At least from the perspective of a quite priviledged member of humaninty where you actually have the space and time to worry about whether you are awareness that is aware of itself or if you are the feelings, emotions, the body or whatever it is aware of. And I felt that way for some time, whenever I felt troubled or worried about anything I told myself that I am just the awareness, not that what I am aware of. I can identify with it, but I am not what I identify with. So far so good, but what next? Does this actually touch the cause of the 'problem'? Does this change anything? And by the way, what does it help to tell someone who is on a path of self fulfillment which is obviously a path of self interest, looking for a comfortable state of mind/feeling/emotion or even a comfortable state of awareness, that this awareness was all that is here or that this was already the state of 'Nirvana'?
Tolle doesn't even touch the core of the question with his answer but stated that the answer was lying within the question. The question was 'how can I get there? I have a longing for that state of being' and all the time he doesn't even know what state of being this would be. It is a deception of the mind, a trap that keeps you distracted from Life itself, from actually living and accepting your very practical and physical responsibility. It is a drugged state of energetically charged emotional mind pills, the longing as well as the given path. You will be drugged by words as Ideas that trigger your emotional body. And Tolle's answer is that this state was already here, but that it was overlooked. By what? By the same awareness that in his sense IS Nirvana itself? Why should it then overlook itself? In order to keep me looking so that I can buy more books that tell me what I already have but just don't know how to see? This is all just a play with words triggering different emotions and feelings within those that are listening willing to adapt and be manipulated or lured into another trap of the mind.

Awareness is Life, it is within Life as your body. Your body is the main cause of your awareness, meaning your consciousness interpretation programm, which is entertaining itself through compiling the awareness input into a mind movie or video game that comforts the individualized perception of yourself as a seperate being. But all the time you are Life, the physical Life, not seperate but in constant interchange with all other physical Life. But within your state of mind, deluding yourself into an alternate reality as your personality perception by consciousness, into a higher state of being, seperate from Life as if you were just an alien, an observer, you don't want things to be that simple.You don't want to be equal, to have the same rights, limitations and necessities as all other life. You have got to be special. At least you have got to be something else than that what you really are, as the human body, equal to all Life, responsible for yourself and your perception, your interpretation of your own feelings, the personality that you allowed yourself to become and for the consequences of your interaction with the world. You'd rather imagine yourself to be energy that one day will be set free from the burdon of Life and join the universal cloud of energy, becoming all powerful and - of course - immortal, while all the time it will be YOU as the perceptor, as your personal awareness... Fascinating thing this consciousness, isn't it. Comes up with great Ideas. But what purpose does it have? Could it be possible that this consciousness, awareness or whatever you may call it can be used as a tool by Life itself in order to sort things out in a practical way? Could it be that the only real decision we can make as this or within this awareness is to accept our responsibility as life and use our abilities in order to provide a solid and profound basis of equality for all Life here in this existance? Does this really sound so absurd? Is this really so ridiculous facing all the ignorant and self destructive behaviour of mankind all around the world in the name of mystified thoughts, mental concepts and beliefs which are just ideologies that have never really been lived? Does it really serve Life in any way if we only calm ourselves down in our minds, ignore all possible practical solutions we could come up with if we committed ourselves to our responsibility, and instead focus on being the mind, being consciousness, being awareness?
It is just a belief and Life itself shows very clearly that the physical, actual reality is not a belief, but that those principles of life are substancially real and equally important for all Life. When your body melts down to the earth, your awareness is gone. It will vanish and die while Life continues, you can't question that. We have solid physical proof. A 'dead' human body becomes quite vital and turbulent when the 'awareness' as a human 'personality' is gone. It does not vanish, it does not ascend and it does certainly not care about it's awareness. It is, moves, transforms and spreads as Life. This is what we can learn from Death, and that is why death is so important, equally important as Life, if not the very same.

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