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Day 61 - The 'cry baby' mentality of cultural and national Identification

From the trailer 'Génération Identitaire' on YT

I accidentally stumbled over a trailer on Youtube called 'Generation Identitaire' "A Declaration of War" - From the Youth of France - (English subs)
And here I am placing a blog about what I see within these 'statements', arguments and the ideology those people are veiling their emotional turmoils with.

This is not about blaming anyone, here I see actually the very same patterns that I know from my own reactions when facing the world, the problems and circumstances you find yourself in as an adolescent, the same programs were running, not with the same content, but this doesn't really matter as we become a puppet on a string to all kinds of political and ideological agendas of all departments when we just give in and live out our emotional inducements without questioning them, without analysing ourselves and without self direction. We are merely slaves to preprogrammed patterns, following preprogrammed scriptures, believing in preprogrammed ideals just to repeat the same things over and over again, keeping the system running. The self deception is intense.

So the words below, followed by the self forgiveness statements are to be seen as adressed to my former self as well as to the people and supporters of those ideals presented in the trailer.

This is my comment to the german version, it has been marked as spam, but if you want to support it, you can find it in the link below and vote it up, thanks!

"Verbitterung, Zorn und Wut, unreflektiert und ohne Lösungsansatz. Wiederholungstäter - in der Tat sind sie die exakte Kopie ihrer Eltern und der Vorgängergenerationen auch wenn sie sich selbst darüber hinwegtäuschen. Es gibt kein 'MultiKulti' und es gibt keine 'reine Kultur', es gibt nicht einmal 'dein Land', es gibt nur das Geld, das System der Projektion unserer Unmündigkeit und Angst als Menschen. Alle Identität ist auf das Selbstinteresse ausgerichtet, und das strebt nach dem Geld."

Generation Identitaire
a comment to the trailer:

War, separation, nationalism, culture, blood, tradition, identity, these are words as old as the human civilization and they never changed anything for the better.
This is just Bogus and infantile Bullshit.

National Identity, what the fuck does that mean? It is a belief, nothing else. 
And You believe in culture? You don't even know what your culture developed from, in fact you don't even have one, it rather has you. Why don't you show the guts and create a new one? But you are just sheeple, following a herd, - again. Repeating the same bullshit over and over again, deluding yourself as if you were special or new in any way. Nothing revolutionary about your 'movement', it is boring old stuff. You are in fact parrots. You live out your anger and frustration, you please yourself with your bitterness but you don't even know how to handle it, how to deal with it, you are not in control, you are slaves to your own minds. Trying to bring about some self esteem and order into your fucked up identity by adapting phrases and values that you imagine about, that have never ever even existed for real. You believe in tradition, but you only fantasize about it, romanticise it like a childish desire like being princesses in a fairy tale. You want to get rid of your responsibility for life, like your predecessors did, as you accuse them, by following ideals that you don't even understand and you are far from being the inventors of a new future.

Funny idea:
Your blood is your identity? Then all Life should be your identity. If your blood was reduced to a small geographical region for centuries, you would have diminished and weakened so much already that you would have nothing to be 'proud of' that would suit your anyway naively interpreted national identity. What does blood need a culture for? And when there is one, what exactly makes it specifically national? It is a joke. Become mature, grow into Life and create a future for all Life. The youth is in fact the future, but you deliberately gave up, you are responsible fo creating the same shit over and over again if you do not become self responsible and self diective as a living being.
You have to realize that all that which has happened is inside you, that all that your fathers and grandfathers did has been done by programming and that this programming is still running inside you, actually it runs you.

So far you are a cause, not the solution of the problem.

Self forgiveness for believing in a culture of my own and old inherited values that I would just need to apply in order to create a future for me and my fellow countrymen without realizing myself as a human living being amongst humans and living beings and that the belief in a country that separates me as a human being from other human beings is actually part of a cultural programming that has never changed and is in fact an old, inherited cultural value of 'my own' that causes all that suffering, inequality, fear, anger, lack of perspective and frustration that I complain about within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my parents, their parents and all generations before me for the situation the world is in today and that I tried to fight them, fight their ideals and values, to become a rebel against all former values and tradition and while doing all that within my mind I was actually forming a character of a rebel within which I started to identify myself with pictures, images and histories of other people, groups, parties and pictures and thoughts within my mind, formed and inspired by all kinds of indoctrination through media like movies, stories, heroes, and even fairy tales, all the while not recognizing that what I was doing was playing out the exact same patterns as all the young generations before me did as well, only with slightly different coloration, but determined by the same function of rejection, frustration, anger and bitterness, not knowing how to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness and therefore searching for ideologies as a nutrition for my desperate mind, easy answers that would prevent me from facing myself as self responsible for my own decisions, and that only the self determined individual, facing all the programming, emotional, mental, behavioural, deconstructing itself, facing all fears, anger, bitterness and tracing it back to the very roots could eventually really change anything sustainably in this world.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, that within giving in to my anger, frustration and bitterness, living it out as it rises within me, without understanding how I created it within myself, without really understanding myself, I do in fact act like an immature irresponsible human being, ruthless and without any reason I use and abuse my Self as what I have become simply to satisfy my desire for charge, to charge 'someone' in order to discharge myself within my thoughts and mind, to experience a short termed feeling of relieve which is not real and doesn't do anything about the actual situation, the actual point that caused my emotional charge in the first place.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fantasize about and to romanticise the idea about culture and tradition, to think that there has ever been a unique culture of 'my own' or 'my people' that relates specifically to me as a person born in a specific region, that would somehow mystically suit my blood and genes, that would magically relate to me as a person, just because I was born in that specific region, while in fact the culture that I dream about does/did not only derive from/out of a specific region, climate and environmental conditions of nature, but to a much larger extend out of political conditions, and from matters of state and government.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be so very ignorant that I don't even understand the simple basic mathematics of how the present situation of my country or even the world that I complain about is a result of any culture and any authorized values and standards that have ever been lived or implemented in any former system and that my belief that any ancient cultural values and traditions could somehow become a solution for the present situation I deliberately delude myself, ignorantly deny any reason or common sense and actually stand for a path that will bring about the very same results as we have now, and that in such manners we actually have created the same shit over and over again throughout human history.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to delude myself within the game of the mind of energy charge and discharge by adapting deliberately to merely artificial ideas about values, routines and rituals called 'culture' and to separate myself through that idea of belonging as a human body, by blood and genes to one specific culture without even understanding how culture is formed and how it is just a system of brainwashing, mind manipulation and enslavement, and in that separation I create the polarization within my mind by which I energize myself, cause and create emotional reactions that I experience then as a proof of the righteousness of my self created ideas as enemy images and scapegoats to complete and legitimize my deliberately chosen dysfunctional Lifestyle.

I commit myself to show and expose as a human being, equal and one with all Life, all deceptions and delusional ideologies that the human mind ever created to justify their cowardice and fear driven self interest in an attempt to legitimize all ruthless, abusive and insidious behaviour, to invent excuses not to face one's own self responsibility and I commit myself to show that the refusal to take the opportunity to become self honest and trustWorthy of Life is unacceptable and can no longer be supported if we intend to have a future as Life.

I commit myself to show as a living example the opportunity and the ability of the human being to change, to change one's own accepted nature and to correct oneself by applying self honesty, self forgiveness and self corrective application in a self directed decision, in order to end all abuse and all unnecessary suffering, all the pain, torture, hunger, deaths, exploitation that is caused by the deliberate self abandonment of the human, by self created fear, cowardice and self limitation through the acceptance of a phony system characterized by fear, self interest, rape and fear.

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